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New tours bring guests around Intramuros via Segway PT


Segway tour group. Photo by Patricia Benito
Segway tour group. Photo by Patricia Benito

UPDATED July 3, 2015 — Segway Philippines has introduced a new tour program in Manila that allows guests to drive the company’s personal transporter (PT) units, adding the city in the list of major destinations that have Segway PT tours, like Barcelona, Washington D.C., Paris, and Singapore.

Tours using the U.S.-manufactured PT units were first introduced in the Philippines in Boracay last October 2012 and operated by Zetro. Now, Segway Philippines launched a similar tour program to Intramuros to explore the outer areas of the Walled City.

“This tour is right inside the golf course, which would run through the walls outside Intramuros. They call it ‘Intramuros’ probably because it’s ‘inside,’ and I could say that this is ‘Extramuros’ because it’s ‘outside,'” said Wilson Lei, CEO/president, Segway Philippines. Called The Navigator, the tour program is composed of a number of packages, ranging from a five-minute drive to a one-hour tour.

The target of The Navigator is to encourage golfers inside the TIEZA-operated golf course to use the PT units, as well as for educational tour purposes and free independent travelers. Tours can be booked through Segway Philippines’ office at Club Intramuros Golf Course or its website, although only the Boracay program is available online as of press time.

Caddies will serve as the guides for the tours. They currently have 20 licensed and accredited tour guide caddies.

Within the next two months, Segway expects accreditation from both the Department of Tourism and the Intramuros Administration, allowing Segway to expand its packages to include the inside of Intramuros. The company also aims to expand to the Manila Bay area.


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