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November 30, 2023

Early launch for ‘Visit Davao Fun Sale 2016’ after big gains this year


Officials of DOT Region 11, Davao City, Samal, and Davao del Norte Province in support of Visit Davao Fun Sale 2016
Officials of DOT Region 11, Davao City, Samal, and Davao del Norte Province with LGSP-LED officers in support of Visit Davao Fun Sale 2016

Davao City and the Department of Tourism Region 11 held an early launching of its annual Visit Davao Fun Sale for 2016 after this year’s sale on April to May generated 41 percent more domestic travelers compared to 2014 data. The city also recorded a 38-percent increase in hotel occupancy rate and 10-percent rise in foreign travelers.

Talking to the press at SMX Convention Center, Director Roberto Alabado III explained that the early promotion of discounted tour packages will allow tourists to plan ahead their trip to the region and avail cheap airplane tickets to Davao.

The ultimate goal is to position Davao as a summer destination of the Philippines, said Alabado.

Next year’s sale will run from March 25 to May 1 and will also promote the islands of Samal and Talikud, which are beach and ecotourism destinations. Aside from resorts, Samal is known for the Monfort Bat Cave and Hagimit Falls. Meanwhile, 15 minutes by boat from Samal, Talikud Island is a relatively undeveloped area whose ready tourism attractions include a giant clam sanctuary and a cave that used to house quack doctors.

A Samal Inland Tour can cost as low as PHP1,450 per head and takes the tourist to a beach resort, Samal Dairy farm, Monfort Bat Cave, and Hagimit Falls.

For PHP1,600, a guest can join the Samal-Talikud Island Tour covering swimming and snorkeling acativities at Coral Garden, Babusanta, Angel’s Cove, and giant clam sanctuary.

In Davao City, a city tour will sell for as low as PHP580 per head, maximum of eight.

VDFS Tours Consortium, a group of tour operators who sell packages for the sale, also offers a Mt. Apo trekking package.

The DOT will roll out more details about the 2016 sale such as hotel rates, wellness packages, and shopping programs in succeeding announcements.


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