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December 1, 2023

Agoda Answers Travelers’ Two Most Pressing Questions


With more resources to plan a vacation than ever, today’s price sensitive travelers are getting savvier. But so many opinions—from illustrious publications to amateur bloggers—can also make it difficult for travelers who want their money to go further to pinpoint when and where they should go.

The cheapest time to book is at the beginning of the year—particularly in Europe—while destinations in Asia rank cheapest between June and November. May and September proved to be the most expensive period for rooms across the globe but Bangkok.

“As one of the world’s largest online travel accommodation booking sites, we have a strong inventory of over 1.3m properties combined with unrivalled traveler insights and destination expertise. We want to ensure our guests book the perfect room for the best value all year round across Asia and beyond,” said John Brown, Chief Operating Officer of agoda.com.

So how much can you actually save? Rooms in Amsterdam, Oslo and Berlin are more than 20% cheaper in January —though one must keep the cold weather that accounts for this dip in prices and pack your woollies accordingly.  But later in the year, the variations can be stark. Visit Berlin in January, and you’ll save up to 70% more compared to prices in September.

If you are prepared to start your end of year holidays a little earlier, you’ll be able to find good deals in cities like Barcelona and Paris in November and December, despite the global average prices peaking at this time. Pay up to 22% less compared to the annual average in Barcelona to experience Christmas festivities like the Fira de Santa Llúcia and Fira de Sagrada Família.

In Asia, rates are up to 16% cheaper on average in June and September in countries like Thailand, Japan, and Taiwan. Shopaholics should consider traveling to Hong Kong for the summer between June and September, as accommodations are up to 14% cheaper.

Across the globe, the most expensive month for rooms is May, when 88% of markets studied had higher-than-average room rates. While most destinations experience a peak in May, rooms in Hong Kong and Sydney are seen to be cheaper than average. And though September is considered high season in many destinations, it’s a great time to travel to Dubai.


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