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December 6, 2023

Hotel Jen the first to use Relay robots in Asia


Hotel Jen marked a new milestone as the first international hotel brand to use autonomous Relay robots in Asia. Teams at Hotel Jen Orchard gateway and Tanglin Singapore welcomed colleagues, Jeno and Jena at their respective properties. The duo will deliver amenities and local favourites from the in-room dining menu to guests, when an order for them is placed.

Designed and built by Savioke, the pair stands at almost one meter tall and come with the ability to move unmanned around the hotel at a safe speed of 2.5 KPH. They can ride the elevators, make phone calls to rooms upon arrival, and are equipped with sensitive sensors that know to avoid obstacles in its path.

Stationed at the hotel lobby 24/7, both Jeno and Jena are unmistakable in their bright uniforms and Hotel Jen’s brand colours – turquoise and pink, affixed with the signature bicycle image that evokes a sense of travel.

Guests can expect one of the pair to have extra towel or bottle of water delivered within 15 minutes from the time of request.




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