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British Invasion culinary fest at Marco Polo


A part of the spread are traditional dishes. From the top are Fish ‘N Chips with a choice of dips tartar or mushy peas, Breaded pork with Rosemary, and Shepherd’s Pie

The British Invasion was known as a cultural blast of British music that hit the world in the mid-60’s. That was a golden era of everything British with the world’s focus on its art, music, fashion, and cuisine.

Executive Chef Alisdair Bletcher, a true blue Brit, gives a short narrative of British cuisine. With him is Marketing Communications Director Kristine Facto.
Specially made uniforms for the British Invasion are worn by some of the service staff of the four outlets of the hotel

British Invasion is what’s going on at Marco Polo Ortigas outlets until March 24,2019. Cafe Pronto will have the famous selection of pies and tarts, Cucina will have an array of traditional British dishes like Ploughmans salad and smoked Atlantic Salmon, while scones and pastries will be featured in the Connect Lounge’s afternoon Tea along with Pimm’s #1 served a s a cooler/apertif. Every Wednesday to Saturday in the evening, Vu’s bar, the hotel’s rooftop Bar, fish and chips and bangers and mash can be matched by a glass of San Miguel Draft Beer or your very own gin and tonic

Cocktail mixes of PIMM’s No.1 were served at Connect Lounge before lunch at Cucina

My personal choice is the fish and chips, authentic( the only thing you will miss is the paper or newspaper wrapping), and the fish is either grouper or Philippine bass, not cream dory like many restaurants who offer it. There are several dips but I prefer the tartar sauce because that goes well with the fish and the fries (don’t forget to squeeze a slice of lemon on the dip to add the zesty flavor). This dish alone will make up for the expense of driving to Ortigas and braving the traffic on weekdays. I ate a total of 6 fat and juicy fish fingers) at Cucina.

Baked Well Tart

Then there ’s shepherd’s pie ( delicious, no gamey taste on the lamb), and various desserts, craftily decorated with photos of British products and landmarks drawn beautifully on fondant it is a pity to be eaten.

Ploughman’s salad of ham, cheddar cheese, quail egg, greens, apple slices and pickles
Egg tarts

At Cucina, not all of the spread is British and some international favourites remain. The indian, grill, Japanese and Filipino sections are in their usual places while the British spread can be recognised from the small flags that accompany the name of the dish. So, when you have taken your fill of the British menu and still want more, do a Brexit and partake of the steak, sea food , and pasta that are also being offered. Enjoy your meal, bloke!



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