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Alishan – Cherry Blossom: The most beautiful time in Taiwan


Alishan is an international well known scenic spot. The sunrise, sea of clouds, divine tree, forest train plus popular sakura and wisteria now all constitute the most beautiful season of Alishan. Traveling around Alishan National Scenic Area in spring is a good time whether for eating, drinking and playing.

Alishan National Scenic Area is swrapped by cloud all year in March and April every year. Yoshino cherry with light chalky white flower attracts numerous international tourists especially the Yoshino cherry in front of the Alishan Station.

The shape of the trees are cut beautifully and the flowers are outstanding even if it is over a hundred years old. A favorite spots of photographers and tourists.

Alishan National Scenic Area is the main travel area during the flower season. During the cherry blossom season from March 15 to April 10, more than one thousand sakura trees are scattered around the area. Among them, the Yoshino cherry which only grows in cold climate areas, is mixed with Japanese breed yaesakura, Cerasus speciosa and special Taiwan cherry.

You can appreciate these flowers that extends up to two kilometers from Chaoping Station to Alishan House. It is really a great time to enjoy and appreciate the beauty that these flowers bring.

Another route where you can appreciate these flowers is at Jueili Mountain area.

The very popular wisteria in Taiwan is mainly scattered at Jueili Village in Alishan National Scenic Area. There are a good number of home stays and high mountain tea and coffee are also rich in the area. Both Alishan coffee and tea have unique flavors and are now the famous items as souvenirs.

Aside from these scenic spots, Alishan is known for its Tsou Tribe cooking.

Tsou Tribe is the indigenous people of Alishan. The tribe specialty are slab stone BBQ, bamboo rice in bamboo, Magao Salad, Wasabi Tofu, Areca Flower Soup or Fried Areca Flower, River Shrimp and Pigeon Bean are all available at any restaurants or home stays around Tanayiku Valley.

Tourists may take the train to Chiayi Railway Station and transit to Chiayi Bus to: Alishan. The earliest bus leaves at 6:00am and leaves at 17:00 every day.

For more events, please visit Taiwan Tourism Bureau website http://taiwan.net.ph/ or https://www.taiwan.net.tw/


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