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Going extreme at Aqua Planet


I have one advice to all who want to experience all the rides and pools at Aqua Planet in Clark Freeport Zone. Don’t waste time and be ready for the extreme; but if you are game enough, as some rides can be extreme, it will be a fulfilling day for all you water babies.

All of my relatives love the water—whether just taking a bath that can take looonnng minutes or several in a day, beach trips, water sports (yes, we did all of those in Boracay and Cebu except parasailing) and some intro diving.

So, when the opportunity came to try the biggest and most modern water theme park in the country, we packed our bags and made the early morning trip to maximise and try finish all what this 10-hectare water park has to offer considering travel time from Manila is an hour-and-a-half on light traffic.

5 adults, 5 in their teens, and three kids braved the searing sun; but, the tough rides whittled down our group to just two or three participants. Some didn’t make the height limit (at least 4 ft) on extreme rides, some the age limit, while I knew beforehand that I couldn’t pass the weight limit (maximum 100 kg).  That plus an eight-hour limit (5pm is closing time) made us choose well the kind of adventure we wanted for everybody.

Aqua Planet has around 30 water attractions and slides but I am listing only 7 of its main attractions, listing them down from the least nerve-wracking (#1) to the  most nail-biting experience(#10). Please take note that I only listed adult rides, so there is a fatigue factor to include because you go up and down flights of stairs to reach the top.


There are loops in this two-person ride and you use a ring float life saver that looks like a big number 8. The twists and turns are designed to make the ride go faster or slower.

Frequency: Four adults , one teen went twice

Rate of excitement: 6


This has a more spacious tubes and are color-coded according to the degree of excitement going though the number of curves and twists.

Frequency: Four adults, four teens went once, one teen went twice, three teens thrice

Rate of excitement: 7


There are six tall, open air slides beside each other and you slide down individually using rubber mats

Frequency: Four adults, five teens once

Rate of excitement:  7



Uses a ring float good for four persons. It simulates a feeling of being in a washing machine, then being flushed out t0 a pool.

Frequency: 4 adults and four teens went twice

Rate of excitement: 8



Lives up to its name with twists and see-saws that seem like you are in the eye of a tornado. It is the most popular ride as it is treated as an introduction to the extreme rides plus that four can sit together (for an added feeling of security). Four is the minimum number in a single ring float , if you are a group of three, another one should be taken in (or one of the lifeguards) for good balance.

Frequency: Five adults, two teens went once, two adults and two teens repeated

Rate of excitement: 8



A four-person ride using the same ring float  as the Tornado and the Super Bowl. Riders will experience going through a loop before plunging to a slope. The lighter you are, the higher up you go

Frequency: Four adults, four teens once,  three adults and one teen repeated

Rate of excitement: 9


Needless to say that this is the most extreme of all the rides, and to add to that the excitement of anticipation, I will rate the experience as told by my younger relatives as I did not participate. Since we did not have the opportunity to take a video, you may to this  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1wawGAWRX7Y

Frequency: two adults and one teen went once

Rate of excitement:  10

Must try for everybody



The wave pool is the most popular place in the park. This is where cabanas/villas are situated where you can relax or wade to the pool and experience 8 different types of waves. There is also a huge LCD screen where, at times, videos of of everybody within the pool environs are shown. On weekends, a DJ spins off disco music and everyone let their hair down, in or out of the pool. It is The Fun Place.


This 412-meter current takes you around the Aqua Planet. Like a lazy river experience, it relaxes you and provides  a good respite from all the strenuous park activities.


This is the most popular attraction in the park but we were not able to experience it as the queue was very long. It envolves a surfing experience in a controlled environment using  rubber body boards. The rider can turn and perform various maneuvers like what real surfers do.


This provides a body boarding experience,  rash guards are recommended because you may lose your bikini somewhere along the way. The adventure is to beat the wave pool at its deepest at 8-ft.


Kids will love this.  Water play made extremely fun for kids as they enjoy curved, spiral and juxtaposed slides with an exciting array of sprinklers namely the fig, small turtles, sunny flowers, colorful mushrooms, morning glory and even a friendly alligator. You also may be just as lucky to see the mermaid.


The park opens at 9am and closes at 5pm. Entrance fees for weekdays are P950 (4ft and above) and P750 (4 ft below)’; and, weekends are  P1,180 and P980. No food is allowed inside. Food is available from kiosks inside the park.


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