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July 18, 2024

Penghu sparkling fireworks, sparkling restaurants


Every year Penghu brings their fireworks festival to the next level. It has been the most popular event during travel season, and the most spectacular night scene in the summer Penghu. The festival will gather international fireworks team and take turns setting off fireworks.

Located in the southeast of Taiwan, looking from above, Penghu is like a scattered jewelry on the sea. The entire region of Penghu consists of 90 isles of volcanic rock. The unique feature of basalt formations makes Penghu a must-visit destination in Taiwan. Cited from an international magazine, Penghu Fireworks Festival is on the top of the must-visit list.

Surrounded by the sea, when the fireworks set off at Guanyin Kiosk, Magong City, the view of splendid sparks reaching up to the sky then falling down, reflected by the sea, is the most mesmerizing scene. Travelers could drive to Guanyin Kiosk for the show, or local hostels and homestays offer to drop guests off at the spot.

Summer is the high time for traveling to Penghu. Despite the hot weather, the sea breeze is good for water activities. Most tourists take boats to other small isles. It is recommended to spend three to four full days to have a more comprehensive itinerary. Feast on seafood for supper and wait for the firework show.

The gourmet of seafood, local dishes are served in most restaurants. You can find their special features at popular dining places like Penghu A-Dong Seafood Restaurant, Changjin Seafood Restaurant, Longxing Seafood Restaurant. If you want something to bring back for sharing with families and friends, brown sugar cake, seaweed paste, dried scallop paste, peanut crisp, salty biscuit, these are all popular souvenirs from Penghu. You can try Fengru Tea, a local summer drink that helps relieve heat from the body, and Crab Cactus Ice Cream as well.

For accommodations, instead of hotels, homestay is another popular choice. The high-quality Penghu homestays are lodged on website of Taiwanstay (https://Taiwanstay.net.tw/tourism_web/index.php.).

For more events, please visit Taiwan Tourism Bureau website http://taiwan.net.ph/ or https://www.taiwan.net.tw/.


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