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Amusement parks in Taiwan


The amusement parks throughout Taiwan are of various sizes. Whether big or small, each park features its own classic theme and dominant charms to attract specific visitor groups: parent-child amusement park presented by Window on China Theme Park; animal paradise created by Leofoo Village Theme Park; holiday waterpark launched by Lihpao Resort; and, the European-style technology park built by E-DA World.

Located in Taoyuan, Window on China Theme Park contains more than a hundred of immersive miniatures of the virtual world. The brick and plant of every building is made based on a scale of one-twenty fifth of the original structure. Leaning Tower of Pisa, Churches of Rome, and The Great Wall are all scaled down to allow visitors to become a giant and travel around the world in a short time without the need of going abroad.

Down south to Hsinchu County, Leofoo Village Theme Park, a compound amusement park, was originally established as a wildlife park. Five themed areas including Central Magic Fountain, Arabian Kingdom, African Safari, South Pacific, Wild West and are set up inside. Among all, the wild safari-themed area of African Safari is the one-and-only open wildlife park in Taiwan that accommodates thousands of animals of nearly 70 species. Rich and perfect layout is involved to create the so-called paradise for wild animals. Visiting the sites of flamingo bird park, herbivore zone and wild beast zone is just like taking a trip to Africa.

Located in southern Taiwan, E-DA World is the first theme park featuring ancient Greek scenario in the country. The true-to-life pseudo-classic buildings inside gives the impression of being surrounded by an ancient Greek kingdom. A new, innovative travel element VR station covering an area of a thousand square meters has been built in the park last year. Unlike regular entertainment facilities, 720-degree full spherical panorama has been put up to allow players to be more wrapped up in the experience. There are four types of virtual reality games inside. With the ever-changing systematic game designs and settings, visitors can immerse themselves in the situation and conduct interactions. With its awesome and thrilling games, E-DA World has become a must-visit technology park when traveling to Taiwan.

Located in Taichung, Lihpao Resort is a holiday, double-themed park comprising an amusement park, a waterpark and Fullon Hotel. This vacation resort, particularly suitable for family trip, is renowned for its “Sky Dream” air-conditioning Ferris wheel which reaches up to an altitude of 384 meters, equivalent to the 88th flood of Taipei 101. Sitting inside the cabin, one can appreciate the marvelous, panoramic landscape at a glance.

Other amusement parks known for their distinguishing features are worth visiting as well like the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village has become a wonderful place to go for cherry blossom viewing apart from its indigenous characteristic,  Janfusun Fancyworld is a joyous wonderland themed on native fairy tales and fantasy, and the ocean and marine-themed  Farglory Ocean Park in Hualien is also an amazing spot to visit.

Please refer to the official website of Taiwan Theme Park (http://themepark.net.tw/web_en) for more information on other exciting amusement parks.

For more events, please visit Taiwan Tourism Bureau website http://taiwan.net.ph/ or https://www.taiwan.net.tw/


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