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December 5, 2023

Hipster’s roaming holiday at the small towns of Yilan


In the small town roaming year promoted by Taiwan Tourism Bureau, the small towns in the Yilan area are suggested for travelers to go for a slow-paced roam. Many exquisite B&Bs offer short stay holiday package providing leisure space and equipment.

Feng Chun Villa and Ming Shui Lu’sLOHAS Yilan Long Stay” offer discounts, afternoon tea and countryside experience. These B&Bs are recommended by Taiwan Tourism Bureau.

Yilan has a new popular landmark, the Happy Station near Yilan Train Station which has been renovated from an old bus station that has been idled for years. The scenic attraction features the books of the illustrator Jimmy. It has a colorful wall and scenes from Jimmy’s picture books. You will also find a variety of Jimmy’s products and souvenirs for sale. You can take a walk at Diudiudang Forest which is a hot spot for taking photos.

Located at the foot of Central Mountain Range and Xueshan, Yilan is famous for its clean fresh water and delicious wine.

The Yilan Distillery Chia Chi Lan Wine Museum and King Car Kavalan Distillery are both worth a visit.

Yilan Distillery on Zhongshan Rd. has been renovated from the Japanese old construction. Entering the distillery is like entering a time tunnel with cultural artifacts displayed on the hall exhibit area. Their product, Red Cordial, used to win the World Wine Silver Award.

You can also take the bus at Yilan Train Station to King Car Kavalan Whiskey Distillery in Yuanshan Township. King Car’s whiskey is becoming the pride of Yilan. Entering the distillery is free.

The delicacies of Yilan are abundant—sugarcane-smoked duck, Yilan tenderloin meat, Waiau seafood, Sanxing green onion pancake, and gaozha are just some of it.

For more information, please visit the website of Tourism Bureau, Taiwan, http://taiwan.net.ph/ or https://eng.taiwan.net.tw/.


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