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Taiwan International Balloon Festival ignites the passion with balloon flight


From June 29 to August 12, the 2019 Taiwan International Balloon Festival will take place at the East Rift Valley, Taitung. Hot air balloons will be sent up throughout the green valley, showcasing a variety of beautiful colors and designs in the sky. The highlight of the event will be the much anticipated 8 Night Glow Concerts at Taitung.

This is the 9th annual hot air balloon festival which continues to be a wonderful spectacle witnessed yearly in Taiwan by thousands of visitors from all over the world. People come to this event not only for the magnificent balloon festivities, but also to enjoy the incredible view of the East Rift Valley from the elevated highland. The breathtaking moment when all the balloons rise up to the sky never fails to excite the cheering crowd.

As the balloon festival slowly becomes a tradition and a highly anticipated event, especially the Night Glow Concerts which showcases new programs every year, the festivities will happen on 8 consecutive Saturdays, starting from June 29, covering Luye Highland at 7 pm, Sanxiantai (July 6, 4 am), Chishang Dapochi (July 13, 7pm), Millennium Dawn Memorial Park of Taimali (July 27, 4 am), Zhiben Hot Spring (August 3, 7 pm) and Ludao (Green Island, July 13. 7 pm) – the first off-Taiwan balloon show. In addition, Taiwan will be having the first ever shore-side sunrise hot air balloon light show with music. Each and every balloon will move in sync with tempo-designed background music, while the powerful projection light that reaches the sky, laser beam, and on-and-off scorching fires will add more excitement to your audio-visual experience. This will truly be a breathtaking hot air balloon music show for everyone.

It is the first time for Shangwu Shore Park, Dawu Village (August 10, 4 am) to host a Night Glow Concert. Like the sky and the water meet, the Pacific Ocean at dawn offers a majestic feast for the eyes; something worth remembering.

The closing program of the balloon festival will end at Luye Highland on August 12.

More than just lighting up Taitung’s sky, the hot air balloons also bring the incredible natural view of East Rift Valley and coastal shore to the global stage, helping to boost the local economy. When visiting Luye Highland, don’t forget to enjoy a good cup of local tea to complete this memorable journey.

For more Taiwan tourism events, go to http://taiwan.net.ph/ or https://eng.taiwan.net.tw/


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