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November 30, 2023

PAL makes it easy to pay in preferred currency with Amadeus 


Travelers on Philippine Airlines will now enjoy a more convenient digital shopping experience powered by Amadeus technology.

Today, many international travelers must book flights in a foreign currency when shopping on an airline’s website, which is confusing for the traveler and can reduce conversion rates for the airline. This explains why a recent PayPal study found that circa 75% of international shoppers prefer multi-currency pricing when making cross-border purchases. 

Multi-currency pricing (MCP) from Amadeus makes airline shopping easier by displaying the price of an air fare in the travelers’ preferred currency when they book. The foreign exchange transaction is fully automated, and the airline receives payment in its currency of choice, eliminating back-office administration. 

“Displaying the offer in the traveler’s currency drastically improves the shopping experience and boosts conversion rates. Imagine a US citizen who’s traveled to Japan and then needs to book a flight to the Philippines. It’s hard for that US traveler to compare the airline’s offer and make a decision when it’s priced in Japanese Yen or Philippine Pesos,” said Bart Tompkins, Managing Director, Payments, Amadeus.

Philippine Airlines has become the first carrier to deploy multi-currency pricing through Amadeus’ innovative FX Box platform. When international passengers shop on the airline’s website they can choose to have the offer presented in their preferred currency, making the shopping experience easier, clearer and more compelling.

“By working with Amadeus we’ve made it easier for international travelers to book our flights in currencies they understand. Enhancing the traveler’s payment options with FX Box provides transparency and improves the experience of our travelers.  Making travel simpler and easier through digital innovations is a key priority for PAL as we prepare to add more flights and welcome an increased number of international travelers on our nonstop flights within Asia, to North America, UK, and the Middle East,” explained Wilson H. Go, Chief Information Officer, Philippine Airlines.

The service allows the airline to offer an improved customer experience while controlling the exchange rates used. This is different from many foreign exchange services available today which are managed by the payments chain directly.

With the newly launched FX Box Platform, Philippine Airlines offers are repriced in the passenger’s currency based on direct access to highly competitive exchange rates.  





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