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October 3, 2023

Tourism department unveils “Love the Philippines” campaign in its Golden Anniversary celebration


In a momentous celebration marking the golden year of the Department of Tourism (DOT), President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr., alongside Secretary Christina Garcia Frasco and esteemed officials, revealed the country’s new tourism campaign, “Love the Philippines.” The unveiling took place as the highlight of the Department’s 50th founding year festivities at the iconic Manila Hotel yesterday, 27 June 2023.

Presenting “Love the Philippines” to a crowd comprising former DOT chiefs, government officials, tourism stakeholders, and media representatives, Secretary Frasco described the enhanced campaign as a fitting tribute to the DOT’s golden anniversary. She expressed, “As we conclude fifty remarkable years of the DOT and embrace this new era of Philippine tourism, it is our duty to reintroduce our beloved country to the world.”

“Love the Philippines” encapsulates the heartfelt essence of every Filipino, characterized by their innate grace and hospitality in welcoming guests to their shores, communities, and homes. Secretary Frasco emphasized that this campaign recognizes the country’s natural wonders, rich history, diverse culture, and so much more beyond the fun and adventure previously highlighted.

Drawing attention to the Philippines as a global powerhouse of mega biodiversity, Secretary Frasco proudly revealed that the nation stands among the select 18 mega biodiverse countries worldwide. Additionally, she lauded the country’s vibrant tapestry of indigenous peoples, creative communities, and their preservation of the Filipino identity through their craftsmanship. Frasco stressed that the world has yet to fully comprehend the captivating complexities and nuances of the Philippines, which this campaign aims to convey through the power of love.

The momentous event also saw President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. express his support for “Love the Philippines.” He affirmed that the campaign emanates from the genuine love shared by every Filipino for their homeland. The President further praised Tourism Secretary Christina Garcia Frasco and the DOT team for conceptualizing a campaign that not only promotes tourist destinations but also strives to enhance the overall travel experience. The campaign’s goals include promoting regional products, developing travel infrastructure, championing green movements, and more.

Recognizing the evolving global tourism landscape in the post-pandemic era and the growing desire for immersive travel experiences, the DOT views the enhanced branding as a timely response to industry demands. Recent survey findings from the United Nations World Travel Organization (UNWTO) underscore the importance of market repositioning and rebranding strategies in the recovery phase.

With the unveiling of this enhanced tourism campaign, the DOT’s focus now lies in showcasing the elements of “Love the Philippines” as it strives to fulfill President Marcos Jr.’s vision of establishing the country as a tourism powerhouse in Asia. Frasco stated, “To compete with our neighboring countries and work together towards making Asia a global tourism region, we must highlight the Philippines’ abundant value propositions that have yet to be fully explored. Our tourism potential extends far beyond what we have previously uncovered.”

Secretary Frasco expressed optimism about the future of Philippine tourism, pointing out that the world has taken notice of the country’s allure. With 2,641,993 visitors already recorded from January 1 to June 26, 2023, the Philippines is poised to surpass the 2.65 million arrivals achieved in 2022. The tourism sector continues to make substantial contributions to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP), with a 6.2% share in 2022, equivalent to PHP 1.38 trillion.

The thriving tourism industry has also generated employment opportunities, with an estimated 5.35 million individuals employed in tourism-related enterprises last year.  Frasco concluded with an impassioned call to fellow Filipinos, stating, “As we embark on this golden era for tourism, let us ignite an unwavering pride for our beautiful country, the Philippines. Through our love for the Philippines, we will usher in its continued recovery and resurgence on the global stage.”


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