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August 8, 2022

Ocean Park rolls out Halloween festival attractions


Executives of Ocean Park and Enchanted Kingdom in a toast.
Executives of Ocean Park and Enchanted Kingdom in a toast.

Boosted by a 10-percent year-on-year growth in attendance by the Filipino market between 2013 and 2015, Ocean Park ramped up its Halloween promotions by unveiling its latest attractions to travel trade partners and the media.

Getting first look at the new attractions, the travel trade and media invitees were presented the H14 — the first ever reservation-only, limited admission attraction where guests would need to complete a series of tasks within a locked chamber challenging the limits of the senses and their innermost fears.

Ocean Park also revealed Asia’s first super-sized Doraemon-themed Halloween celebration at Whiskers Harbour and the mega Scaremonies show, among other unique attractions.

Park visitors are guaranteed spooky experiences at any time of the day with Phantom Studios, a transforming attraction that changes the music and the lighting at 5pm on each event day. Night time ghouls will also appear throughout the park to intensify the “terrifying” atmosphere.

Guests of Ocean Park can enjoy up to 10 to 15-percent discount on admission to 21 theme parks worldwide, including the Philippines’ Enchanted Kingdom.


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