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19th August 2019


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Of lotus flower, seeds, root powder at Baihe Lotus Festival 2019

The trend of lotus appreciation began in Baihe Township of Tainan in the 1990s and it also turned Baihe into one of the areas in Taiwan to have hostels. For […]

The most popular and well-known gourmet foods of old street in Taiwan small town

Most of the old streets in Taiwan have been built along the temples. These streets are filled with history as well as the traditional cuisine of the locality. These local […]

Fulong sets 12th International Sand Sculpture Art Festival in August

The Taiwan Fulong International Sand Sculpture Art Festival is now entering its 12th year this 2019. This upcoming anniversary will be celebrated on August 25 through a variety of events […]

A call to prayer in September – Sky lanterns dot the night sky of Pingxi in Taiwan

Mid-Autumn Festival is a day when Chinese people get reunited with their families. Aside from a big full moon hanging in the night sky, tens of thousands of sky lanterns […]